SMART ASSISTANTS is an alternative to human assistants or complex software for standard business processes automation.

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Let robots think of little things for you

Smart Assist will help you if:

  • you are lost in a pile of small matters such as hiring employees, solving legal and accounting issues
  • complexity of workflow and task management software gets on your nerves
  • you are constantly faced with simple legal questions, but have no one to ask
  • speed of completing tasks is very important to you
  • you don’t want to delve into problems that are hardly related to your business
  • you don’t trust people

An assistant is in your phone 24/7 all year round


An assistant saves up to 80% of your time


A robot is faster than a human and will never ask for a salary raise

Natural dialogue interface
One has to agree, it’s much easier to communicate with a person than with a computer. Modern user interfaces are complex and need to be studied before using. The dialogue interface is a new generation interface anyone can work with.
Popular services integration
SMART ASSISTANTS are integrated with Google Calendar and Google Docs. Everything the assistants work with is saved there. You don’t have to worry about storing your documents anymore.
Many tasks – one solution
“In order to ask a question you must already know most of the answer”, says Robert Sheckley. Whether it is professionals or software that help you solve problems, you need to know who to ask and how to ask. Or you can ask any question in a chat with SMART ASSISTANTS.
Always online
We use our assistants ourselves as they are working all the time. They don’t need time to complete tasks, because robots are faster than people.
Work right away and without integration
All assistants are implemented it the form of chat-bots and to begin working with them you need only to add them to a chat and start talking to them. With the help of our technologies we can quickly train the robot to work with even a very non-standard task.
Automatic adaptation to you
Sometimes an assistant would make a mistake and you would tell it about it. Next time the robot will work better by using the latest advances in machine learning.
Simpler than similar software
Faster than human
Many skills

Personal-ASSISTANT “Marusia”

Eliminates the need to manually keep a calendar and monitor the task management system.

What can Marusia

Keeps track of tasks based on correspondence

Monitors the dialogue and writes down tasks for you, from now on tasks won’t get lost.

Assigns names to your tasks

To summarize a task and think of a name for it is a complicated matter. AI will come up with a clear task name for you.

Works with the main task properties: deadlines, dates, executors.

Our NER technology allows you to automatically extract key task parameters, saving your time.

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Saves you from a long search for answers to legal questions. Just ask it and get the answer.

What can Potap

Doesn’t need to rest

You can get an instant answer to your legal question without any difficulties.

Helps you prepare a contract

The robot has a large database of templates which it will help fill out.

Allows you to organize workflow

The robot remembers created documents, information about your organization and will help finding it in future.

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Helps you hire an employee without any problems.

What can Toni

Helps create a job description

Think of a position name and salary of the future employee and the robot will prepare a detailed job description.

Helps hire an employee

Just take a photo of the employee’s documents, answer a few questions and the robot will create an employment contract and related documents.

Relieves the headache of personnel document flow management.

Saves photos of requests, documents, templates of employment contracts and allows you to search by them.

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What’s under the hood

Neural networks made a revolution in solving problems of artificial intelligence. And the aspect of natural language processing wasn’t left out. We apply the latest advances in this area so that SMART ASSISTANTS can understand you and have a coherent conversation with you.

Our team includes members of the iPavlov project (MIPT) – one of the largest projects in the field of developing tools and algorithms of natural language processing. We actively use the iPavlov algorithms to solve such complex problems as extracting facts from text (NER), user intent recognition and conversation conducting (DST).

Our team


Vadim Polulyakh


Leading Engineer at iPavlov, MIPT Former Platform Architect at Raiffeisen Business Online.


Nikolay Tyurnikov


Serial Entrepreneur and well-known Russian Lawyer.


Mikhail Burtsev

Scientific Director

Ph.D in Physics and Mathematics Head of the Laboratory of Neural Systems and Deep Learning at MIPT.


Anton Pronin


Director of the Legal Technologies Center at Skolkovo Foundation.


Alexey Skugarev

Development Director

MIPT graduate and researcher at RAS. Organizer of anti-corruption forums of All-Russia People's Front project “For Fair Purchases” in 2017.

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